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Typed resources references

Jan Berkel edited this page Nov 15, 2011 · 1 revision

Typed resources references

As an enhancement to the Android build process, this plugin can generate typed references to application layout elements. To enable, add the TypedResources.settings build settings into your sbt project definition. During compilation a file TR.scala will be generated under src_managed/main/scala.

Typed resource references are created in an object TR (similar to Android's standard R). These are handled by the method findView defined in the traits TypedView and TypedActivity. There are also implicit conversions defined in the object TypedResource; import these to add the method on demand to any views and activities in scope. The findView method casts the view to the known resource type before returning it, so that application code can avoid the redundancy of casting a resource to a type it has declared in the resource definition.

Since Android's resource IDs are scoped to the application, a warning is issued by the plugin when the same ID is used for different types of a resources; the type of resources retrieved by that ID will be unpredictable.

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