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Migration Guide

Upgrading the plugin was not a 1:1 match unfortunately. While most of the logic is the same, some the build objects had to be renamed significantly. Names that made sense for project definition mixin's are now objects.

Quick Reference

For those of you who are familiar with the android plugin's previous definition, here's a quick match to the important things:

  • AndroidProject == AndroidProject.androidSettings
  • BaseAndroidProject == AndroidBase.settings
  • AndroidLibraryProject == AndroidBase.settings
  • DdmSupport == AndroidDdm.settings
  • Startable == AndroidLaunch.settings
  • Installable == AndroidInstall.settings
  • TypedResources == TypedResources.settings
  • MarketPublish == AndroidMarketPublish.settings
  • AndroidManifestGenerator == AndroidManifestGenerator.settings
  • AndroidTest.androidSettings == AndroidTestProject
  • AndroidTest.settings == AndroidLibraryTestProject

Overriding settings

All settings and tasks are placed in the Android config, so be sure to override the settings in the appropriate scope. For example, to override the useProguard setting you must do it the following way:

import AndroidKeys._

useProguard in Android := false

Every setting and task used in the plugin can be found in AndroidKeys, akin to sbt.Keys._