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  • Use decodeFloat for Float and Double, for sanity and consistency with ghcjs. Hash values for these typed have changed.
  • Fix integer-gmp flag and support ghcjs (thanks to roelvandijk!)


  • Performance improvements
  • Implement a faster siphash-1-3


  • Eq, Read, Show for SipKey


  • SipKey is now a new data type with unboxed fields, instead of tuple
  • export a new mixType helper for defining StableHashable instances


  • Parameterize Hash32/64/128 types by the type of their hashed source data, to enforce legitimate equality comparisons of hashes.
  • Add StableHashable for distinguishing types with respect to their hashes across platforms and programs.


  • Added a mix64 method, in use in, Word/Int64 ByteString types and P.ByteArray
  • Hash renamed HashState and roll clarified in docs
  • instance Hashable of Float and Double now use mix32 and mix64 respectively.
  • Implemented 64-bit and 128-bit siphash
  • Instances up to 15-tuples. Now web scale!

  • (initial release)