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A vim ftplugin for magical contextual haskell code completions
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A vim ftplugin for magical haskell code completions.

I hope this becomes a collaborative project. Please send me pull requests with improvements or new completions you would like to see.


Copy the .vim file to your vim installation's ftplugin directory:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/ftplugin/
cp haskell_haskomplete.vim ~/.vim/ftplugin/

the functionality should automatically load when you open a haskell source code file.


In insert or normal modes, press <CTRL-H>. If your cursor is in a context that has an assigned completion (see below) some magic completion action will occur.

Implemented Completions

Below the cursor in insert mode looks like ^, in normal mode it looks like #. When the cursor is ommited on the left hand side, assume the cursor is in insert mode anywhere on the line shown:

Insert mode

create skeleton implementation of term(s) during type declaration:

func1, func2           --->   func1, func2 :: ^
                              func1 = undefined
                              func2 = undefined

Prepare a class restriction in a type signature line

func ::                --->   func :: (^)=>

Create an arrow in a type signature:

func :: Type           --->   func :: Type -> ^

Fill in 'undefined' in a function definition:

func x y               --->   func x y = #undefined
func  =                --->   func = #undefined

Normal mode

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