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/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* (c) The GHC Team, 2000-2009
* Sparking support for GRAN, PAR and THREADED_RTS versions of the RTS.
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------*/
#ifndef SPARKS_H
#define SPARKS_H
#include "WSDeque.h"
#include "BeginPrivate.h"
/* typedef for SparkPool in RtsTypes.h */
/* Stats on spark creation/conversion */
typedef struct {
StgWord created;
StgWord dud;
StgWord overflowed;
StgWord converted;
StgWord gcd;
StgWord fizzled;
} SparkCounters;
#if defined(THREADED_RTS)
typedef WSDeque SparkPool;
// Initialisation
SparkPool *allocSparkPool (void);
// Take a spark from the "write" end of the pool. Can be called
// by the pool owner only.
INLINE_HEADER StgClosure* reclaimSpark(SparkPool *pool);
// Returns True if the spark pool is empty (can give a false positive
// if the pool is almost empty).
INLINE_HEADER rtsBool looksEmpty(SparkPool* deque);
INLINE_HEADER StgClosure * tryStealSpark (SparkPool *pool);
INLINE_HEADER rtsBool fizzledSpark (StgClosure *);
void freeSparkPool (SparkPool *pool);
void createSparkThread (Capability *cap);
void traverseSparkQueue(evac_fn evac, void *user, Capability *cap);
void pruneSparkQueue (Capability *cap);
INLINE_HEADER void discardSparks (SparkPool *pool);
INLINE_HEADER long sparkPoolSize (SparkPool *pool);
/* -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* PRIVATE below here
* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
INLINE_HEADER StgClosure* reclaimSpark(SparkPool *pool)
return popWSDeque(pool);
INLINE_HEADER rtsBool looksEmpty(SparkPool* deque)
return looksEmptyWSDeque(deque);
INLINE_HEADER long sparkPoolSize (SparkPool *pool)
return dequeElements(pool);
INLINE_HEADER void discardSparks (SparkPool *pool)
/* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
* tryStealSpark: try to steal a spark from a Capability.
* Returns either:
* (a) a useful spark;
* (b) a fizzled spark (use fizzledSpark to check);
* (c) or NULL if the pool was empty, and can occasionally return NULL
* if there was a race with another thread stealing from the same
* pool. In this case, try again later.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
INLINE_HEADER StgClosure * tryStealSpark (SparkPool *pool)
return stealWSDeque_(pool);
// use the no-loopy version, stealWSDeque_(), since if we get a
// spurious NULL here the caller may want to try stealing from
// other pools before trying again.
INLINE_HEADER rtsBool fizzledSpark (StgClosure *spark)
return (GET_CLOSURE_TAG(spark) != 0 || !closure_SHOULD_SPARK(spark));
#endif // THREADED_RTS
#include "EndPrivate.h"
#endif /* SPARKS_H */
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