Metasploit pattern generator in Python, modified to be used as a function
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These are Metasploit's pattern tools (pattern_create and pattern_offset) modified to work as imports for exploit scripts in Python.

import pattern_tools

print pattern_tools.pattern_create(1000)
"""Pattern prints out here"""

print pattern_tools.pattern_offset('0x69413269')
"""prints [*] Exact match at offset 247"""

Arguments for relevant functions are: pattern_create(length, set_a, set_b, set_c)

Where length is the length of the pattern, and sets a through c are character sets to use in pattern generation(optional) The pattern is returned as a string object.

pattern_offset(value, length)

Where value is the string in hex you want to find, and length is the pattern length to search through (default = 8192) TODO: Partial matching, reverse endianness