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HelloWorld JMS Example

This example demonstrates the use of external JMS clients with JBoss AS 7.

The example provides a demonstration of both producing and consuming messages to and from a JMS destination deployed in the JBoss AS 7 environment. The example can be run from the Maven commandline, or from the Eclipse environment.

To run the example from the commandline simply type:

mvn compile exec:java

The example provides for a certain amount of customization for the mvn:exec plugin via system properties explained below:

Required Properties

  • connection.type

    Which connection type to the JMS provider you want to use. Accepted values are netty or jndi.

    Default: netty

    Note: Currently external JNDI access is under development in JBoss AS 7. As a result netty is the default value.

  • java.naming.factory.initial

    The JNDI initial context factory you wish to use

    Default: org.jboss.as.naming.InitialContextFactory

  • java.naming.provider.url

    The provider URL of the JNDI context you wish to use

    Default: jnp://localhost:1099

Optional Properties

  • cf.name

    The JNDI name of the JMS ConnectionFactory you want to use.

    Default: RemoteConnectionFactory

  • dest.name

    The JNDI name of the JMS Destination you want to use.

    Default: testQueue

  • message.content

    The content of the JMS TextMessage.

    Default: "Hello, World!"

  • message.count

    The number of JMS messages you want to produce and consume.

    Default: 1

Deployment Note

By default, the JMS messaging provider is not deployed with the standalone JBoss AS 7 server. You will either need to run a domain server, or configure the standalone server for JMS message. Please refer to the JBoss AS 7 Documentation for further details.

To run the standalone server with JMS Messaging enabled

standalone.sh -c standalone-full.xml