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External JAX-RS Client

Author: Blaine Mincey, blaine.mincey@redhat.com

This example demonstrates the use an external JAX-RS RestEasy client which interacts with a JAX-RS Web service that uses CDI 1.0 and JAX-RS in JBoss AS 7. Specifically, this client "calls" the HelloWorld JAX-RS Web Service created in quickstart helloworld-rs. Please refer to the helloworld-rs README.md for instructions on how to build and deploy helloworld-rs.


Before running this quickstart, you must first build and deploy the helloworld-rs quickstart to your AS7 server as this quickstart depends on that deployment for its test. Additionally, this example can be executed using Maven from the command line or from Eclipse using JBoss Tools.

To set up Maven or JBoss Tools in Eclipse, refer to the Getting Started Guide.


This example assumes that the following URLs are available based upon the HelloWorld REST application being deployed:



Execute the example by running 'mvn test'

This command will compile the example and execute a test to make two separate requests to the Web Service. Towards the end of the Maven build output, you should see the following for successful execution:

URL: http://localhost:8080/jboss-as-helloworld-rs/xml MediaType: application/xml

*** Response from Server ***

Hello World!

URL: http://localhost:8080/jboss-as-helloworld-rs/json MediaType: application/json

*** Response from Server ***

{"result":"Hello World!"}