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Clojure Extended Library


cljext is a library containing clojure native code and wrappers of Java functions. This provides extra functionality to pad out the clojure standard library.

The targeted release by this library is clojure 1.2.0


  • cljext.base64 - Base64 encoder/decoder
  • cljext.hash - Message Digest library
  • cljext.limits - Maximum and minimum of java numeric types
  • cljext.macros - General control flow macros
  • cljext.math - Math functions/macros
  • cljext.option - SML-like option
  • cljext.sax - Simple Sax parser
  • cljext.seq - Sequence functions/macros parser
  • cljext.str - String functions
  • cljext.system - system interface
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