Helpers to allow getting referencies and definitions #151

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Allows to write like following:

TypeReference type1_ref = TypeRef.Of(module);
TypeDefinition type1_def = TypeDef.Of(field_ref);
TypeDefinition type2_def = TypeDef.Of(variable_ref);
TypeDefinition type3_def = TypeDef.Of(parameter_ref);

MethodReference method1_ref = MethodRef.Of(module, Thread.BeginCriticalRegion);
MethodDefinition method2_def = MethodDef.Of(module, Thread.BeginCriticalRegion);


Thanks for the contribution! I'm not ecstatic about the API so this won't be merged, but don't hesitate to publish that in a NuGet.

@jbevain jbevain closed this Nov 2, 2014
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