Latest commit 5cde681 Sep 30, 2017 @erozenfeld erozenfeld Fix win32 resource processing.
The code assumed that win32 resources always lived in .rsrc section in the
input assembly. That's not always the case. For example, crossgen moves
win32 resources to the beginning of .text section.

The fix is to get the location of win32 resources from resources directory.
Win32 resources are still output to .rsrc section by the ImageWriter.
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BinaryStreamReader.cs Refactor and adjust coding style Mar 21, 2017
ByteBuffer.cs Merge branch 'lowermemuse' into ppdb_lowermemuse Jul 14, 2016
ByteBufferEqualityComparer.cs Fix style and refactor for master integration Mar 17, 2017
DataDirectory.cs Simplify header Apr 22, 2015
Image.cs Fix win32 resource processing. Sep 30, 2017
ImageReader.cs Fix win32 resource processing. Sep 30, 2017
ImageWriter.cs Fix win32 resource processing. Sep 30, 2017
Section.cs Merge branch 'master' into lowermemuse Apr 25, 2015
TextMap.cs Add support for the portable pdb format Jul 13, 2016