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Mono.Reflection is an helper library to complement the System.Reflection and System.Reflection.Emit namespaces.

It works on both Mono >= 2.8 and .net >= 4.0.


public sealed class Image {
	public static bool IsAssembly (string fileName) {}
	public static bool IsAssembly (Stream stream) {}

Test whether a file is a managed assembly or not.

public static class BackingFieldResolver {
	public static FieldInfo GetBackingField (this PropertyInfo self) {}

Returns the field backing a property or throws an InvalidOperationException.

public static class Disassembler {
	public static IList<Instruction> GetInstructions (this MethodBase self) {}

Returns a read only collection of Instruction representing the IL method body or throws an ArgumentException if the method doesn't provide a body.

public class Instruction {
	public int Offset { get; }
	public OpCode OpCode { get; }
	public object Operand { get; }

	public Instruction Next { get; }
	public Instruction Previous { get; }

Represents an IL instruction.


Some useful reflection helpers, including an IL disassembler.



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