A Persistence Of Vision speedometer for Arduino
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A Persistence Of Vision Speedometer

What is it?

Speevo is an Arduino-based visual speedometer. Attach it to anything that moves, look at a stationary point while it goes past, and you can read the speed as a persistence-of-vision afterimage in your eye.

TODO: This needs to be seriously fleshed out.

What's included?

I currently have code, some photos of a stripboard-based Arduino shield, and some photos of the working project.

What will be included?

I plan on using this project as an opportunity to refresh a range of skills, so eventually I will include:

  • An Arduino shield suitable for home manufacturing
  • A board design for an ATTINY85 based version (power supply to be decided)
  • A generic case design (3D printable)
  • Updated code to allow for input of desired speed range etc.
  • Possible other application-specific boards.