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Kirbytag to generate beautiful download links for a specific file
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Download Kirbytag for Kirby CMS v3

by Jannik Beyerstedt from Hamburg, Germany | Github
license: GNU GPL v3
version: v2.0.0

Notice About Branches and Kirby 2

Kirby 3 support was added in the kirby3 branch, because Kirby 2 and Kirby 3 plugins are quite different. Now that Kirby 3 is released, I changed the default branch to kirby3 but will keep the master, because old Kirby 2 projects might break, if I rename the branches.

Updating from the Kirby 2 version: The configuration options are now prefixed by instead of This is caused by the new way, how plugins work within Kirby 3.


Kirbytag to generate beautiful download links for a specific file

This kirbytag returns a beautiful download-link for a specific file in your site’s content. It generates a link with a customizable text and displays the file size.

That’s nothing special, but come some features for lazy people:
You can choose your file, by the file categorization kirby uses (document, image, etc.) and the select by first or last. If you have a file, like a regularly updating flyer, you can keep going on with individual file names, but don’t have to specify the name in the tag every time you change your file! Isn’t this awesome?

User Manual


For manual installation, copy all of these files to site/plugins/kirbytag-download.

If you are using git submodules to manage the plugins, use this command:

git submodule add site/plugins/kirbytag-download

If you are using composer to manage the plugins, try:

composer require jbeyerstedt/download


Now you have a new kirbytext extension for download-links.
The syntax is quite simple:

(download: $keyword type: $filetype ext: $extension text: $someLinkText)

First thing to replace is $keyword. You can choose from:

  • "first": selects the first file
  • "last": selects the last file
  • "all": selects all files (of given type)
  • or you can type some filename

Next we want to specify which files are affected. This is done with replacing $filetype. You can choose from the kirby file selectors:

  • "image"
  • "document"
  • "archive"
  • "code"
  • "video"
  • "audio"

To condense the selection further down, you can replace $extension with a filename extension you want to search for.

With the text attribute (replace $someLinkText) you can set a custom text, which is displayed instead of the filename.

Keep in mind: Of course the pattern above is only an example and not working by copying it. If some placeholder (the things with $ at the beginning) is not replaced, you have to delete the keyword in front of it too.


(download: first type: document)
(download: flyer.pdf text: our beautiful products)


  • The class appended to the anchor-element (Default: dl)
  • Inlines warnings if for example the given file couldn’t be found or the set is empty. (Default: true)

You can set these in your config.php like this:

c::set('', 'fancyclass');


To customize the look of your download-links depending on the file-extension you can use either the appended data-attribute (i.e. data-ext="pdf") or the modifier class (i.e. class="dl dl--pdf") of the <a>-element.



A look like this can be achieved with the following CSS:

a.dl {
  @mixin colored-badge($color: gray) {
    border-color: rgba($color, .3);
    background: rgba($color, .1);
    color: $color;

  &:before {
    @include colored-badge();
    content: attr(data-ext);
    text-transform: uppercase;
    // skipped irrelevant styling...

  &--svg:before {
    @include colored-badge(#5A8BC2);
  &--pdf:before {
    @include colored-badge(#C84D4F);
  &--mp4:before {
    @include colored-badge(#7C6798);
  // all the filetypes you wish...

(Thanks to Dennis Kerzig ( for this addition.)


Feel free to fork this repository and make it better.

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