Kirby Plugin to get kirbytext() without the enclosing <p>-tags
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Kirby kirbytextRaw Plugin

by Jannik Beyerstedt from Hamburg, Germany | Github
License: GNU GPL v3
version: v1.1.1

Notice for Kirby 3

This plugin has been adapted for kirby 3, but because major changes are needed, a new branch was created. You will find the kibry 3 compatible version in the branch kirby3.

If anyone needs composer support, please add it via a pull-request, because I don't use composer myself.


Get kirbytext() without enclosing <p> tags

Sometimes it is necessary to get some text parsed as kirbytext, but without the paragraph tags added. Here is the plugin for this problem. I often use this in automatic article excerpts or even headings and titles, where links etc. should be parsed, but I need the text to be enclosed by a different html element.

User Manual


Store this file in and rename it to kirbytextRaw



Use it in your templates like any other Kirby function, eg kirbytext():


Simply replace the kirbytext() field method with kirbytextRaw() or the short form kt() with ktr().


Feel free to fork this repository and make it better. If there is a bug I missed, please let me know by opening an issue.