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f118136 @jbfink Add mindmap stub.
1 <map version="0.9.0">
2 <!-- To view this file, download free mind mapping software FreeMind from -->
a791b63 @jbfink TIME. It's OPTIMAL.
3 <node CREATED="1321542019101" ID="ID_882378609" MODIFIED="1330640269436" TEXT="LTC2012">
a01a5f2 @jbfink More furious mindmappy action.
4 <node CREATED="1321542022617" ID="ID_49065718" MODIFIED="1321542035711" POSITION="right" TEXT="Who am I?">
5 <node CREATED="1330507879284" ID="ID_1715237033" MODIFIED="1330507888052" TEXT="My career trajectory (keep this short)"/>
6 </node>
2a492ec @jbfink More mindmap action.
7 <node CREATED="1321542028019" ID="ID_302908572" MODIFIED="1321542030027" POSITION="left" TEXT="Who are you?">
8 <node CREATED="1330303404882" ID="ID_664705742" MODIFIED="1330303420719" TEXT="Public libraries"/>
9 <node CREATED="1330303421087" ID="ID_443924428" MODIFIED="1330303424222" TEXT="Academic libraries"/>
10 </node>
a791b63 @jbfink TIME. It's OPTIMAL.
11 <node CREATED="1321542039748" ID="ID_666779717" MODIFIED="1321542055305" POSITION="right" TEXT="Why are two seemingly incongruous topics combined in one talk?"/>
2a492ec @jbfink More mindmap action.
12 <node CREATED="1330507481391" ID="ID_914925554" MODIFIED="1330507490712" POSITION="left" TEXT="Academic">
13 <node CREATED="1330507495222" ID="ID_1387350929" MODIFIED="1330507497001" TEXT="the DH angle">
14 <node CREATED="1330507497933" ID="ID_1345709360" MODIFIED="1330507501096" TEXT="Brief history of DH"/>
15 <node CREATED="1330507501717" ID="ID_1644659917" MODIFIED="1330507509761" TEXT="Examples of notable library DH centres">
16 <node CREATED="1330507516437" ID="ID_148046006" MODIFIED="1330507517654" TEXT="chnm"/>
17 <node CREATED="1330507518184" ID="ID_1625222581" MODIFIED="1330507519469" TEXT="emory"/>
18 </node>
8376018 @jbfink More songs about buildings and food.
19 <node CREATED="1330508733756" ID="ID_1848658626" MODIFIED="1330508739494" TEXT="Outside of libraries">
20 <node CREATED="1330508739998" ID="ID_1166581410" MODIFIED="1330508742550" TEXT="Bill&apos;s shop"/>
21 </node>
22 <node CREATED="1330508804890" ID="ID_936115296" MODIFIED="1330508808072" TEXT="DH as growth industry"/>
23 <node CREATED="1330508811334" ID="ID_1293686046" MODIFIED="1330508823243" TEXT="Role of librarians in DH"/>
2a492ec @jbfink More mindmap action.
24 </node>
472397e @jbfink More Flesh for Frankenstein.
25 <node CREATED="1330508905451" ID="ID_1372593019" MODIFIED="1330508907171" TEXT="SCDS">
26 <node CREATED="1330508913251" ID="ID_1257547215" MODIFIED="1330508916668" TEXT="our org structure">
27 <node CREATED="1330508917401" ID="ID_702538876" MODIFIED="1330508919748" TEXT="history">
28 <node CREATED="1330508920111" ID="ID_1111291482" MODIFIED="1330508929936" TEXT="SS as prime mover"/>
29 <node CREATED="1330508930734" ID="ID_10927042" MODIFIED="1330508932007" TEXT="SS leaving"/>
30 </node>
31 <node CREATED="1330508938636" ID="ID_40368019" MODIFIED="1330508948086" TEXT="internal committee"/>
32 <node CREATED="1330508948771" ID="ID_1802526808" MODIFIED="1330508952005" TEXT="external committee?"/>
33 <node CREATED="1330508965673" ID="ID_1765129285" MODIFIED="1330508974144" TEXT="the doers">
34 <node CREATED="1330508975143" ID="ID_991284659" MODIFIED="1330508977558" TEXT="dale"/>
35 <node CREATED="1330508977817" ID="ID_1494139241" MODIFIED="1330508979380" TEXT="matt"/>
36 <node CREATED="1330508979724" ID="ID_384352337" MODIFIED="1330508981171" TEXT="nick"/>
37 <node CREATED="1330508981356" ID="ID_1190964781" MODIFIED="1330508981707" TEXT="me"/>
3b43dbe @jbfink I wish I loved writing slides as much as I love writing mindmaps.
38 <node CREATED="1330646844929" ID="ID_402119281" MODIFIED="1330646848973" TEXT="Programmer X"/>
39 </node>
40 <node CREATED="1330646852020" ID="ID_1117288900" MODIFIED="1330646856082" TEXT="The maybes?">
41 <node CREATED="1330646856411" ID="ID_1814847719" MODIFIED="1330646860436" TEXT="postdocs"/>
472397e @jbfink More Flesh for Frankenstein.
42 </node>
43 </node>
e5ac7de @jbfink more mindmap. tired as hell now.
44 <node CREATED="1330509088445" ID="ID_1826037499" MODIFIED="1330509089870" TEXT="our space">
45 <node CREATED="1330510643033" ID="ID_986736025" MODIFIED="1330510647178" TEXT="History of space"/>
46 <node CREATED="1330510647845" ID="ID_883395203" MODIFIED="1330510659354" TEXT="architectural thoughts"/>
47 </node>
dec12ea @jbfink More more more.
48 <node CREATED="1330644796404" ID="ID_1011686641" MODIFIED="1330644800398" TEXT="Our tech">
49 <node CREATED="1330644800796" ID="ID_1587358726" MODIFIED="1330644801705" TEXT="redmine"/>
50 <node CREATED="1330644801876" ID="ID_1203163276" MODIFIED="1330644802852" TEXT="VMs"/>
51 <node CREATED="1330644803379" ID="ID_903619956" MODIFIED="1330644810548" TEXT="potential">
52 <node CREATED="1330644811046" ID="ID_98351516" MODIFIED="1330644813698" TEXT="physcomp"/>
53 <node CREATED="1330644814259" ID="ID_390168051" MODIFIED="1330644818259" TEXT="raspberry pi?"/>
3b43dbe @jbfink I wish I loved writing slides as much as I love writing mindmaps.
54 <node CREATED="1330646836727" ID="ID_1197188271" MODIFIED="1330646837703" TEXT="????"/>
dec12ea @jbfink More more more.
55 </node>
56 </node>
472397e @jbfink More Flesh for Frankenstein.
57 </node>
2a492ec @jbfink More mindmap action.
58 </node>
59 <node CREATED="1330507493116" ID="ID_664086647" MODIFIED="1330507494534" POSITION="left" TEXT="Public">
60 <node CREATED="1330507523622" ID="ID_1874066660" MODIFIED="1330507534748" TEXT="hackerspace">
61 <node CREATED="1330507535080" ID="ID_1732537889" MODIFIED="1330507537706" TEXT="What is a hackerspace?"/>
62 <node CREATED="1330507538445" ID="ID_1884032334" MODIFIED="1330507549714" TEXT="Why the recent uptick in interest?"/>
63 <node CREATED="1330507572610" ID="ID_649192454" MODIFIED="1330507576562" TEXT="What is open hardware?"/>
64 <node CREATED="1330507587179" ID="ID_1253353264" MODIFIED="1330507596819" TEXT="Why are PLs interested?"/>
65 </node>
66 </node>
a01a5f2 @jbfink More furious mindmappy action.
67 <node CREATED="1330508258724" ID="ID_163315685" MODIFIED="1330508260369" POSITION="right" TEXT="photos">
323d1fa @jbfink freemind doesn't make a very good todo manager, but eh. It'll be okay.
68 <node CREATED="1330508260759" ID="ID_989069910" MODIFIED="1330530916187" TEXT="unLab/Bill&apos;s lab">
69 <icon BUILTIN="button_ok"/>
70 </node>
71 <node CREATED="1330508280943" ID="ID_1986034641" MODIFIED="1330530925539" TEXT="scds">
72 <icon BUILTIN="button_cancel"/>
73 </node>
fdd21bd @jbfink meaningless edits to mindmap file.
74 <node CREATED="1330980241734" ID="ID_52566076" MODIFIED="1330980244233" TEXT="thinkhaus"/>
a01a5f2 @jbfink More furious mindmappy action.
75 </node>
d40a764 @jbfink More mindmapping.
76 <node CREATED="1330640008946" ID="ID_1650712821" MODIFIED="1330640014171" POSITION="right" TEXT="The Culture Question">
77 <node CREATED="1330640039305" ID="ID_653603979" MODIFIED="1330640044416" TEXT="Startups as a model">
78 <node CREATED="1330640044733" ID="ID_1382037570" MODIFIED="1330640045542" TEXT="Good">
79 <node CREATED="1330640047711" ID="ID_1099569624" MODIFIED="1330640051213" TEXT="Risk taking"/>
80 <node CREATED="1330640052658" ID="ID_1490826255" MODIFIED="1330640059330" TEXT="&quot;20% time&quot;"/>
b5866cd @jbfink mindmap mindmap mindmap.
81 <node CREATED="1330640066840" ID="ID_619400857" MODIFIED="1330643121428" TEXT="collective decision making"/>
82 <node CREATED="1330643089815" ID="ID_1291147355" MODIFIED="1330643096011" TEXT="Managers as servants"/>
d40a764 @jbfink More mindmapping.
83 </node>
84 <node CREATED="1330640045917" ID="ID_1427076856" MODIFIED="1330640047037" TEXT="Bad">
85 <node CREATED="1330640089614" ID="ID_213765575" MODIFIED="1330640105846" TEXT="workaholicism"/>
86 <node CREATED="1330640106529" ID="ID_1524087573" MODIFIED="1330640111034" TEXT="short-term profit motive"/>
87 </node>
88 </node>
89 </node>
a791b63 @jbfink TIME. It's OPTIMAL.
90 <node CREATED="1330640276314" ID="ID_687875798" MODIFIED="1330640352144" POSITION="right" TEXT="Why is this the OPTIMAL TIME?">
91 <node CREATED="1330506784437" ID="ID_194698912" MODIFIED="1330506789556" TEXT="the DIY angle">
92 <node CREATED="1330508118309" ID="ID_1443262302" MODIFIED="1330508130257" TEXT="Changing face of libraries"/>
93 <node CREATED="1330508131194" ID="ID_410360343" MODIFIED="1330508134697" TEXT="Libraries as content producers"/>
94 </node>
95 </node>
f118136 @jbfink Add mindmap stub.
96 </node>
97 </map>
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