Repository of config files for programs I use everyday.
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My dotfiles

Repository of config files for programs I use everyday.


git clone git:// ~/dotfiles
source ~/dotfiles/

Public customizations

  1. Make your changes in the dotfiles/ directory
  2. Run rebash (alias of source ~/.bashrc) so your changes will take affect
  3. Test your changes to make sure they work
  4. TODO: Cron will commit and push your changes to github

Private (local) customizations

Currently local/private changes are only supported for your bashrc. You can make these ~/dotfiles/local/bashrc. This directory is ignored by git, so your passwords or proprietary information won't end up on github!

Automatic syncing

TODO: create a cron job that commits local changes and pulls/pushes changes from/to github.

Quickly editing your bash config

Open .bashrc in your $EDITOR of choice.


List available sub-configs.


Edit a sub-config.

bashr aliases

Adding dotfiles for other programs

  1. Create the file (without a dot) in ~/dotfiles/config/
  2. Run source ~/dotfiles/