A collection of helpful and easy to install bash scripts for the IBM i.
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IBM i BASH Tools

A collection of helpful and easy to install bash scripts for the IBM i.


To setup these bash scripts and use them, just use the provided setup file at the root of this project.

cd /path/to/ibmi-bash-tools
./setup <optional-path>

The setup script accepts an option path to symlink the scripts. It will try to place the scripts in ~/bin by default. Symlinking them allows them to be updated anytime the files in this project are updated. Wherever they end up being symlinked, make sure that directory is in the user's PATH BASH environment variable. This can be done like so in a bash configuration like so:

# ~/.bashrc


Current Tools


A script that mimics the apachectl CLI on *nix systems. It currently only has start, stop, and restart as implemented options. Unlike the original apachectl, the user needs to specify a server to target, as the IBM i has multiple instances of Apache.

Use: apachectl.sh start|stop|restart <server>

e.g. apachectl.sh restart zendsvr6


A script that behaves like other SQL CLIs. The user can repeatedly run SQL statements until they enter exit or exit;. It even supports history, so the user can use the up and down arrows to cycle through past SQl statements.

Use: db2.sh

e.g. db2.sh