IBM i BASH configuration dotfiles and a CLI to install them.
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IBM i Dotfiles


These dotfiles require that the IBM i Open Source Environment (yum) be installed.

IBM i Dotfiles Installation

Add SoBored RPM Repo to yum

Use your favorite text editor and create the file /QOpenSys/etc/yum/repos.d/sobored.repo with these contents:


Just to be safe, make sure you clean your metadata:

yum clean metadata

Install ibmi-dotfiles via yum

yum install ibmi-dotfiles

IBM i Dotfiles Usage

ibmi-dotfiles are used from the command line. BASH suggested, as these dotfiles are configured for BASH.

Copy IBM i Dotfiles to current user's home directory.


Copy IBM i Dotfiles to specific directory.

Please use the full path here. Relative paths are untested.

ibmi-dotfiles --install-path /desired/install/path