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This is my group's project for Hack Beanpot 2018. This is the MVP version of Nature Calls. Scenario: Imagine you are touring NYC, enjoying a day in the sun, staying hydrated, and eating such delicious foods. But suddenly, nature calls and you have no idea where to go. Our aims to solve this problem by providing you with the nearest restrooms. We are using the MapBox SDK in order to see the map. Possible iterations of the application and where we'll go. 1.) We will query the RefugeRestroom API which can be found at We can then pass in the user's current location in Lat/Long to the API in order to get the nearest bathrooms. 2.) We can crowd source the information. On top of providing bathrooms, users can enter locations for the bathrooms and then rate them. 2A.) With this we will be able to create a dynamic map with various pins based on the bathroom ratings. 3.) Users can click on a pin, and see all the ratings and reviews. Then, the app will take them to the bathroom using the MapBox SDK directions feature.

Technical: This project was built in ReactNative using the MapBox SDK.

This project was made at HackBeanPot, and it was an incredible experience!


This is my group's project for Hack Beanpot 2018.



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