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Chintzy is a content management system focused on caching first and asking
questions later. By default, it is intended to not touch your Postgres database
at all; it will aggressively try to serve cached HTML content.

This currently powers the EdgeLink Consulting ( website
as well as a few private installations. I'm still working on getting things
ready for Github/public viewing, but figured it would be a good idea to
have a central repo that won't change places when I nuke out a VM.

== Installation ==
* Check that your webserver has mod_rewrite or something else similar enabled.
  Without a proper .htaccess parser or a custom directives file, most URLs will
  not work properly.
* You will need to ensure that your webserver also speaks HTTPS and that your
  SERVER_NAME variable is set properly. You can probably tweak this to your liking
  in, but don't overwrite the require_ssl parameters; this prevents
  accidentally sending credentials over an unencrypted link. 
* Ensure that the root of the site has the "AllowOverride All" directive on so that
  the mod_rewrite and .htaccess directives for this application work properly.

* Create pgsql database and change settings in Run the
  following command sequence as root, replacing /var/www with your 
  desired installation path:
  # su - postgres
  $ sh /var/www/includes/scripts/ dbname dbuser dbpass

* Import schema from schema.pgsql
  $ sh /var/www/includes/scripts/ dbname

* Create root user with your required password.
  To generate the password, run sha256(username + password + salt)
  where salt is defined in By default, this is blank,
  but you really should set this before doing anything with your site.
  $ sh /var/www/includes/scripts/ dbname username password
* Create home/top parent page:

  $ sh /var/www/includes/scripts/ dbname
* Log into the administration panel with your root credentials at 
== Store Module ==
* The store module is not available in public format at this time. 
  Essentially, it's a chintzy e-commerce system that lets you operate
  an online store. There are a whole bunch of modules that will be
  published at some point in the future.
* For the store module, allow 'authenticated user' permissions to view cart, checkout, etc...
        == anonymous user ==
        * view store
        == authenticated user ==
        * view store
        * view cart
        * checkout cart