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# Repair a WordPress directory and config file to allow auto-update
# Jake Billo,
# Original directions from (defunct)
Version history:
Add --group-write and --no-fs-method parameters (see
for the details and additional writeup.)
--group-write sets 664 permissions on files in the
wp-admin and wp-includes directories, which adds a security risk
but may allow upgrades from the UI to complete.
--no-fs-method does not set and removes the FS_METHOD define()
in wp-config.php, in the event you would just like to use this script
for permission consistency but perform upgrades over SSH or FTP.
Add customizable user account. More compliant with Hardening
WordPress guide (
--w3tc option for more permissive write settings.
2012-09-01 (jbillo):
Add customizable Apache/httpd user for non-Debian distributions.
Defaults to "www-data".
2012-01-10 (jbillo):
Second release. Look for WP_DEBUG *or* WPLANG as WordPress 3.3.x
apparently doesn't include WPLANG in a stock wp-config.php file.
2011-03-07 (jbillo):
Initial release, some bugfixes for web publication. Added UID check.
Also modified WP_DEBUG locate to WPLANG for older WordPress sites.
import os
import sys
def usage():
app_name = sys.argv[0]
print """%s usage:
%s wordpress_dir [owner] [apache_group] [options]
wordpress_dir The directory WordPress resides in, to be fixed for auto-updating
owner The name of the user account that should own the directory
apache_group The name of the webserver group. Default is www-data
Options include:
--w3tc If included, sets more permissive permissions for W3 Total Cache
--group-write If included, changes permissions to 0664 (security risk;
the webserver user can modify contents of wp-admin and wp-includes)
--no-fs-method Does not write a define() line in wp-config.php and removes it
if present; for permission consistency (upgrades done over FTP/SSH)
""" % (app_name, app_name)
if len(sys.argv) < 2:
if os.getuid() != 0:
print "E_ROOT: You must be root to use this utility.\n"
# Check for owner
if len(sys.argv) > 2 and not sys.argv[2].startswith("--"):
owner = sys.argv[2]
owner = None
if len(sys.argv) > 3 and not sys.argv[3].startswith("--"):
apache_group = sys.argv[3]
apache_group = "www-data"
# TODO: use argparse here if we get more complicated with options
plugin_w3tc = "--w3tc" in sys.argv
group_write = "--group-write" in sys.argv
no_fs_method = "--no-fs-method" in sys.argv
wordpress_dir = sys.argv[1].strip()
if wordpress_dir[-1] == '/':
wordpress_dir = wordpress_dir[0:-1]
print "I_START: Working on WordPress directory %s" % wordpress_dir
print "I_PROGRESS: Applying 755 permissions on all directories"
os.system("find " + wordpress_dir + " -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;")
print "I_PROGRESS: Applying 644 permissions on all files"
os.system("find " + wordpress_dir + " -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;")
print "I_PROGRESS: File and directory permissions set; changing owner and group"
# All files are now u+rw, g+r, o+r
# For specific directories we will go through and apply group permissions.
# If a user account was specified, change owner on main WordPress directory
if owner:
print "I_PROGRESS: Changing owner on WordPress directory to %s" % owner
os.system("chown -R %s %s" % (owner, wordpress_dir))
# Change group owner to Apache group
os.system("chgrp -R %s %s/" % (apache_group, wordpress_dir))
wp_content_dir = wordpress_dir + "/wp-content"
# Apply write permission to wp_content directory
os.system("chmod g+w %s" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/plugins" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/themes" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/uploads" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/upgrade" % wp_content_dir)
# W3 Total Cache
if plugin_w3tc:
print "I_PROGRESS: Setting more permissive permissions for W3 Total Cache"
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/cache" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod -R g+w %s/w3tc-config" % wp_content_dir)
os.system("chmod g+w %s/.htaccess" % wordpress_dir)
# Stop whinging about wp-content permissions
os.system("chmod 755 %s" % wp_content_dir)
if group_write:
os.system("find %s/wp-admin/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;" % wordpress_dir)
os.system("find %s/wp-includes/ -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;" % wordpress_dir)
print "I_PROGRESS: Set group write permission on files in wp-admin and wp-includes"
f = open(wordpress_dir + "/wp-config.php", "r")
config =
if no_fs_method:
if config.find('FS_METHOD') == -1:
print "I_PROGRESS: FS_METHOD is not defined in wp-config"
# Remove FS_METHOD from file
os.system("sed -i 's/\/\* wpfix\.py\: for automatic updates \*\///g' %s/wp-config.php" % wordpress_dir)
os.system("sed -i \"s/define[(]'FS_METHOD', 'direct'[)];//g\" %s/wp-config.php" % wordpress_dir)
print "I_PROGRESS: FS_METHOD removed from wp-config"
# We want FS_METHOD at this point
if config.find("FS_METHOD") == -1:
# Find the position in config where we have the WP_DEBUG or WPLANG define.
insert_pos = config.find("define ('WPLANG',")
if insert_pos == -1:
insert_pos = config.find("define('WP_DEBUG',")
if insert_pos == -1:
print "E_FSMETHOD: Could not locate suitable position to add FS_METHOD directive. Add define('FS_METHOD', 'direct'); to " + wordpress_dir + "/wp-config.php.\n"
new_config = config[0:insert_pos] + "\n/* for automatic updates */\ndefine('FS_METHOD', 'direct');\n" + config[insert_pos:]
f = open(wordpress_dir + "/wp-config.php", "w")
print "W_FSMETHOD: FS_METHOD directive seems to already exist in wp-config.php\n"
print "I_COMPLETE: WordPress directory " + wordpress_dir + " fixed for auto-update successfully\n"