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Django project friendly virtualenvwrapper postactivate and postdeactivate bash scripts. Postactivate creates a alias, manage, that allows you can run from from anywhere and also sets your DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE environment variable by introspecing your project's directory.

So in short, it does the following everytime you workon a Django project and then unsets them when you leave.

alias $DJANGO_MANAGE_PY_ALIAS="python /absolute/path/to/your/django/projects/"


  • DJANGO_MANAGE_PY_ALIAS defaults to manage, but you can override this behavior to use any command you want from your .bashrc file.
  • DJANGO_VIRTUALENV_NAME_MAP defaults to ~/.django-virtualenv-name-map. Override this environment to change the location of the mapping. The file consists of virtualenv name and django project names seperated by spaces. See below for file format example.


1. Make sure your WORKON_HOME dirctory is defined for virtualenvwrapper

jbisbee@tacquito:~$ echo $WORKON_HOME

2. Set DJANGO_PROJECTS_SRC_DIR to where you checkout code. I use $HOME/src

# .bashrc

3. Reload your .bashrc

jbisbee@tacquito:~$ source ~/.bashrc

4. Checkout into that dir

jbisbee@tacquito:~$ cd $DJANGO_PROJECTS_SRC_DIR
jbisbee@tacquito:~/src$ git clone

5. Run the install script

This install script simply ads a bash source line in virtualenvwrapper's postactivate and postdeactivate hook files to source the postactivate and postdeactive from this project. You don't like it or its buggy, just comment out or remove the one source line.

jbisbee@tacquito:~/src$ $DJANGO_PROJECTS_SRC_DIR/virtualenvwrapper-django/
installing virtualenvwrapper-django postactivate
installing virtualenvwrapper-django postdeactivate

6. Now cat each file. Sould look something like this.

jbisbee@tacquito:~/src$ cat $WORKON_HOME/postactivate
# This hook is run after every virtualenv is activated.

source /home/jbisbee/src/virtualenvwrapper-django/postactivate

jbisbee@tacquito:~/src$ cat $WORKON_HOME/postdeactivate
# This hook is run after every virtualenv is deactivated.

source /home/jbisbee/src/virtualenvwrapper-django/postdeactivate

7. You're done!

Note: If you run into any problems with these install instructions let me know. I tried to be generic as possible without having to maintain an install script that hides the logic form you (and most likely assumes things and gets the important bits wrong). I would love to help you figure out why things didn't work and update the instructions accordingly. Don't get discouraged! :D Thank you John Barry (via Google+) for the idea for these instructions!

How Settings are Found

The current function looks for settings in the following locations.

  1. django_project_dir/*/settings/
  2. django_project_dir/*/

The USER environment variable may be overridden with the DJANGO_VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_USER from your .bashrc file (in case you use vagrant like me)

export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE="spock.settings.jbisbee"
export DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE="spock.settings"

Now you'll be able to run commands that require settings without hardcoding the settings environment variable or passing in --settings manually.

(spock)jbisbee@tacquito:~/src/spock$ manage dbshell

Clean things up when you leave... (postdeactivate)###

unalias $DJANGO_MANAGE_PY_ALIAS >/dev/null 2>/dev/null

Disclaimer: If you manage your Django project's settings differently let me know. I'd love to make the determine_django_module_settings more flexible and patches are more than welcome!

Virtualenv name to Django Project Name Mapping

I made a big assumption when I originally wrote this extension that everyone would make their virtualenv names and project names the same. I quickly found out this was not the case from two of my coworkers and I promised myself I would finally fix this problem.

I created a new environment variable called DJANGO_VIRTUALENV_NAME_MAP that defaults to $HOME/.django-virtualenv-name-map that you're free to override. The file contents are as follows

# $HOME/.django-virtualenv-name-map

# virtualenv-name django-project-name
sparky sparky-django
union unionweb

Change Log


  • Added DJANGO_VIRTUALENV_NAME_MAP environment variable and defaulted the value to $HOME/.django-virtualenv-name-map. The file format is a sample name value pair seperated by spaces.
  • Fix cd directory to attempt to cd to Django directory then fallback to the django project directory


  • Fixed bug if was not located in the root project directory. Settings was correctly evaluated in this case to the wrong module name (mysite.mysite.settings instead of mysite.settings)
  • Added an script that makes the install process easier. You just need to set the DJANGO_PROJECTS_SRC_DIR variable for context, checkout the project in that directory and then run the install script.
  • Feedback from a friend telling me I'm a bash newbie. I was quoting bash variables when I didn't need to. (${1} should have just been $1, etc)


  • Added DJANGO_PROJECTS_SRC_DIR as a .bashrc override because I mistakenly assumed everyone uses $HOME/src to store their source code.


  • Added install instructions to the README
  • Added DJANGO_MANAGE_PY_ALIAS environment variable to be able override the alias from just manage
  • Added the Change Log (is this meta or what?)
  • Added Authors Mike Kreitman, John Barry, and Ethan Soergel. Thanks guys!


  • Initial release


  • Jeff Bisbee
  • Michael Kreitman - a small bit of bash help turning a absolute file name into a relative one. I could have done it in two seconds in python or perl, but bash still continues to throw me for a loop sometimes
  • John Barry - feedback from Google+ on function typo (signature and caller) and the idea for the install instructions.
  • Ethan Soergel - pointing me to his similar project called EmceeVirtualEnv on github and giving me the idea for the DJANGO_MANAGE_PY_ALIAS variable (able to override the alias)
  • Rafal Muszynski - great feedback on the install process plus feedback on my less than spectacular bash skills. He's my full blooded Polish brother. Thanks Polish Hammer!