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WIZ820io Usage Guideline for Arduino.pdf

W5200 Arduino Ethernet Library

Update History.

11 Oct. 2013

  • Change the W5100 code under Sam folder(Arduino Due)
  • SPI clock set to 48Mhz and add delay routine

How to use

  • Copy 2 fils from AVR to ..libraries/Ethernet/arch/Avr/utility/
  • Copy 2 fils from SAM to ..libraries/Ethernet/arch/Sam/utility/

2 Feb.2013

  • Update for supporting Arduino Due (32bit) : you can find the changes by checking #ifdef W5200
  • Changes: Make 2 folder, AVR and SAM.
  • AVR folder id for 8bit AVR and SAM folder is for 32bit
  • Contribution for supporting 32bit code: Fabien Duay (deayfabi at

How to use

  • Copy 2 fils from AVR to ../avr/libraries/Ethernet/utility/
  • Copy 2 fils from SAM to ../sam/libraries/Ethernet/utility/

W5200 Arduino Ethernet Library - How to use

  1. Install W5200 library Overwrite w5100.cpp, w5100.h to the "/libraries/Ethernet/utility" folder in your Arduino IDE.

  2. Using the W5200 library and evaluate existing Ethernet example. In the Arduino IDE, go to Files->Examples->Ethernet and open any example, compile and upload the file to Arduino board.

  3. Note: libraries/Ethernet/Ethernet.h needs the following at line 10 instead of #define MAX_SOCK_NUM 4, since it doesn't #include "w5100.h" anymore: Thanks "Matthew Lange"

    #ifdef W5200

    #define MAX_SOCK_NUM 8


    #define MAX_SOCK_NUM 4