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What is it?

d3wordcloud is a wrapper for the Word Cloud Layout by Jason Davies based on htmlwidgets.

How it works?!

The main function d3wordcloud needs only words and freqs. Just like the old good wordcloud package. See demo here.

words <- c("I", "love", "this", "package", "but", "I", "don't", "like", "use", "wordclouds")
freqs <- sample(seq(length(words)))

d3wordcloud(words, freqs)

How can you get it?

I know! you already know how to install it



There are parameter for make your word cloud like you like/want:

  • words: The words
  • freqs: Their frequencies
  • padding: The separation between words. Default value is 0.
  • colors: The color for wordcloud, if the length of words, and colors are the same, then each word will have its own color, in other case a grandien between the colors is generated (the order is important here).
  • size.scale: The scale to use for scale the words sizes (freqs). Options are linear, sqrt and log. Default value is linear.
  • color.scale: The scale to use for scale the colors according to sizes (freqs). Options are linear, sqrt and log. Default value is linear.
  • font: The font to use in thw the word cloud. Default value is Open Sans.
  • spiral: The way to construct the wordcloud. Options are archimedean and rectangular. Default value is archimedean.
  • rotate.min: Minimum angle for (random) rotation. Default value is -30.
  • rotate.max: Maximum angle for (random) rotation. Default value is 30.
  • tooltip: Do you want tooltips showing the frequecny on cursor hover? ;)
  • label: Alternate text for tooltip to display.
  • rangesizefont A 2 length numeric vector indicating the size of text (this is usefull if you have sentences instead of words).

You can see this parameter in action here


Check here

Sometimes I exceed the hours on the basic plan in You can always can view here:

An old demo gif:



Similar packages

  • rWordCloud. A package with similar functionalities.