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jblaine committed Mar 31, 2012
1 parent 3da8f9c commit a6a1da5a3a1ad527f3493cfe4b561893932207ec
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import time
import re
from logster_helper import MetricObject, LogsterParser
from logster_helper import LogsterParsingException
# For help with what this is all about, see one of the sample
# Logster parsers which have more detailed comments about
# the structure of the class and each method's function.
# Collect arbitrary metric lines and spit out aggregated
# metric values (MetricObjects) based on the metric names
# found in the lines. Any conforming metric, one parser. Sweet.
class MetricLogster(LogsterParser):
def __init__(self, option_string=None):
self.metrics = {}
# Examples:
# Mar 30 20:35:03 mail1 whatever[1323]: value=9
# Mar 31 03:44:28 fs9 blah[9403]: value=4484884
self.reg = re.compile('.+ metric=(?P<metricname>[-_a-zA-Z0-9.]+) value=(?P<value>[0-9.]+))')
def parse_line(self, line):
regMatch = self.reg.match(line)
if regMatch:
linebits = regMatch.groupdict()
metric = str(linebits['metricname'])
value = int(linebits['value'])
if self.metrics.has_key(metric):
self.metrics[metric] = self.metrics[metric] + int(value)
self.metrics[metric] = int(value)
raise LogsterParsingException, "regmatch failed to match"
except Exception, e:
raise LogsterParsingException, "regmatch or contents failed with %s" % e
def get_state(self, duration):
self.duration = duration
outlines = []
for k in self.metrics.keys():
outlines.append(MetricObject(k, (self.metrics[k] / self.duration), "per sec"))
return outlines

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