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A Wireless Hotspot That Broadcasts The Weather as its Network Name.
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Broadcasts the weather using wireless network ids


WSSID is a wireless router that collects and broadcasts live weather data from it’s local environment in the form of a dynamically changing SSID name. The project examines the use of wireless networks on the environment and how we are constantly in range of these signals without explicitly asking to be. Similar to the way that weather is beyond our direct control, “WSSID” shows us how permeating these networks have become by relaying direct environmental data about the locations in which they are housed.

WSSID is a collaboration by Justin Blinder and Jonah Brucker-Cohen for Art Hack Day: Deluge.


  • Coming soon. For now, run php wssid.php from the command line (or setup as a cron job).


  • Wireless Router
  • DD-WRT
  • Codes (cleaning/updating soon)
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