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CljPy - Clojure function in Python

Ever started work on a Python project but missed the functional tools that come with Clojure? Just import cljpy and the functions you love will be at your fingertips again!


Achieve feature parity to Clojure concepts with idiomatic Python. Where idiomatic differences between the languages arise, side with Clojure. The most prominent example is immutable types. This module will use the Python copy module to avoid destructive updates of arguments. For iterable return values, it tries to return generators, the type of the original function argument, or tuples, in that priority. Macros are implemented either as higher order functions (eg. condp) or decorators (eg. defmulti/defmethod).

Still undecided how to handle:

  • Clojure style references
  • namespace manipulation

More generally, this is a fun project that is teaching me some of the nooks and crannies of the respective languages.


import operator
from cljpy import core

core.merge_with(operator.add, {'one': 1, 'seven': 3}, {'two': 2, 'seven': 4})

=> {'one': 1, 'two': 2, 'seven': 7}


py.test tests/


Copyright (C) 2011 Jim Blomo

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.