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Rust General ETL package
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This package is general-purpose Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) library for Rust built to load arbitrary plain text files into data frame objects as guided by a TOML configuration file.


This library contains the following features:

  • Delimiter speification (comma, tab, etc.)
  • Data types:
    • Signed / unsigned integers
    • Floating point numbers
    • Text fields
    • Boolean values
  • Transformations:
    • Concatenation (of text fields)
    • Mapping (from one text field to another)
    • Conversion between types
    • Scaling of values (for numeric values, e.g. between -1 and 1)
    • Normalization of values
    • Vectorization (one-hot or feature hashing)
  • Filtering


To use, add the following to your Cargo.toml:

etl = "0.1"

Configuration Examples

Configuration is handled through a TOML file. For example:

## data_config.toml

name = "source1.csv"
delimiter = ","
fields = [ { source_name = "a_text_field", field_type = "Text", add_to_frame = false },
           { source_name = "another_text_field", field_type = "Text", add_to_frame = false } ]

name = "sourc2.tsv"
delimiter = "\t"
fields = [ { source_name = "an_integer", field_type = "Signed" },
           { source_name = "another_integer", field_type = "Signed" },
           { source_name = "a_category", field_type = "Text" },
           { source_name = "an_unused_float", field_type = "Float", add_to_frame = false } ]

method = { action = "Concatenate",  separator = " & " }
source_fields = [ "a_text_field", "another_text_field" ]
target_name = "a_new_text_field"

source_fields = [ "a_category" ]
target_name = "category_mapped_to_integers"

action = "Map"
default_value = "-1"
map = { "first_category" = "0", "second_category" = "1" }

To load a configuration file named data_config.toml in the same directory as the source file:

let data_path = PathBuf::from(file!()).parent().unwrap().join("data_config.toml");

let (config, df) = DataFrame::load(data_path.as_path()).unwrap();

let mut fieldnames = df.fieldnames();
assert_eq!(fieldnames, ["a_category", "a_new_text_field", "an_integer", "another_integer"

Once loaded, files can be transformed into a matrix for further processing.

let (config, df) = DataFrame::load(data_path.as_path()).unwrap();
let (fieldnames, mat) = df.as_matrix().unwrap();

Current and future state

While the current functionality generally works as intended, this library is not complete and should be considered to currently be in ALPHA state. Expect bugs, untested features, poor documentation, and future API changes.

I'm not currently intending to do much more work on the TOML-driven interface to this library—it's grown increasingly unwieldy and difficult to use. My long-term intention is to create a more powerful domain-specific language for configuration of data sources and transformations (which could also introduce the ability to provide arbitrary transformations on the data).

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