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Demo code of running ML.NET Model builder in Sitecore Cortex
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Cortex Processing Engine Demo


This demo assumes you're running a full XP installation of Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release.

There are two custom Outcomes that were created for this demo:

  • Movie Renter
  • Movie Rented

Once you create these outcomes, put the Item IDs in the app.config of TacoFlix.Client.

You will also need to sign up for a developers API key from This is a free service. Once you receive your API key, you'll need to update the same app.config file as above, but also the sc.TheMovieDb.xml in TacoFlix.ProcessingEngine.Extensions/App_Data/Config/Sitecore/Movies.


First, you'll need to generate the model json file. You can do this through the TacoFlix.Client. Just click the xDB menu item in the top left, then select Generate Model. This will generate the model file in the default output location for TacoFlix.Client. You'll need to copy this model file to four locations:

  • <xConnect-root>/App_Data/Models
  • <index-worker-root>/App_Data/Models
  • <processing-engine-root>/App_Data/Models

Next, copy the TacoFlix.Model.dll, TacoFlix.Xconnect.Model.dll and TacoFlix.ProcessingEngine.Extensions.dll to the following four locations:

  • <xConnect-root>/bin
  • <index-worker-root>/
  • <processing-engine-root>/
  • <sitecore-webroot>/bin

Third, copy the contents of the App_Data folder in TacoFlix.ProcessingEngine.Extensions to the <processing-engine-root>/App_Data folder.

Fourth copy TacoFlixML.Model.dll and and all Microsoft.ML dependency, to

  • <processing-engine-root>/

Lastly, in TacoFlix.Client/busSettings.xml, make sure the two database connection strings have the proper information for the Messaging database. To run the GenerateTrainingData you need to fill in your MovieDbApiKey in MovieProviderConfig.

Happy Demoing!

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