SANS 2015 DFIR Summit 360 Talk
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##Build HashDB Run the following bulk_extractor command to generate a sector hashdb of the extracted torrent files. The database will be found in the bulk_extractor output folder that by default is called hashdb.hdb that I typically rename to VxShare159 for example.

bulk_extractor -x accts -x aes -x base64 -x elf -x email -x exif -x find -x gps -x gzip -x hiberfile -x httplogs -x json -x kml -x msxml -x net -x pdf -x rar -x sqlite -x vcard -x windirs -x winlnk -x winpe -x winprefetch -x zip -e hashdb -o VxShare159_Out -S hashdb_mode=import -S hashdb_import_repository_name=VxShare159 -S hashdb_block_size=512 -S hashdb_import_sector_size=512 -R VirusShare_00159

Consolidate the sector databases into one collection using the following hashdb commands. Only create the sector database the first time that blocks are added.

hashdb create -p 512 FileBlock.Import
hashdb add VxShare159 FileBlock.Import

Download the NIST NSRL blocks from and consolidate into a single collection using these hashdb commands for each set.

hashdb create -p 512 FileBlock.NSRL
hashdb import_tab FileBlock.NSRL

Finally subtract the whitelist block hashes from the blacklist block hashes to help limit false postives from code reuse.

hashdb create -p 512 FileBlock.Info
hashdb subtract FileBlock.Import FileBlock.NSRL FileBlock.Info

##Use HashDB Scan files, images and memory using this bulk_extractor command to locate matching sector block hashes using the FileBlock.Info hashdb database.

bulk_extractor -e hashdb -S hashdb_mode=scan -S hashdb_scan_path_or_socket=FileBlock.Info -S hashdb_block_size=512 -o be2_out be2.vmem 

Review the identified_blocks.txt file for matches or use the hashdb command expand_identified_blocks for more details on associated samples.

hashdb expand_identified_blocks FileBlock.Info identified_blocks.txt

##Code ##Aquire Copy Follow @FileBlocks on Twitter for more information or send a Direct Message a.k.a. DM for specific questions.

Started next version, expected in May 2016....