A way to automate the creation of assembly step documentation for kits
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This is a few simple utilities to automate the creation of electronic
kit assembly instructions, with automatic highlighting of the
components to use.

It requires numpy, scipy, and skimage to be installed to work.

Rough steps:

* Run the ULP in EAGLE to get the board dump file. ("foo.dmp")
* Save off a PNG of your board from EAGLE (File/Export) ("foo.png")
* Run code/gen_steps.py foo.dmp > foo.json
* Edit foo.json:
    * Reorder steps as needed
    * Add instructions in the "text" section
    * Add a "tocheck": "Text for things to check" where needed
         (this is JSON, so mind your commas)
    * Save and write out
* Edit the web/steps.html.header and web/steps.html.footer as needed
* Now run board_mask.py foo
  * Click at your board's (0,0) when prompted to, to calibrate your image
  * You can click multiple times to get an "average" of your point
  * Close the window that pops up after you've clicked
  * Repeat for the upper right corner of your board
* You should have a bunch of images and foo_steps_base.html in your directory now
* Touch up as needed and publish


web/ -- The basic templates for the HTML page which is output
code/ -- The python code to generate the webpages
ulp/ -- the EAGLE ULP script to dump the board components