Statistical Routines from Practical Statistics Simply Explained
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Please see web/index.html for the documentation.  Sorry, I started writing
text in this file, but it turned into HTML while I wasn't looking.

(This is an undertaker project.  Undertaker is a tool for managing the 
open source development/publishing/release process, which pulls your 
source code, documentation, blog posts, etc, all into a single static 
"gitball" for release.  It can also generate static websites from 
locally-dynamic files, allowing you to have a project blog that looks
dynamic but is actually statically published.  This makes your content
very friendly to archiving by tools like the wayback machine, and also
to indexing by web crawlers.  You can also publish all your content via
trivial static webservers, including CDNs or just local files.

To republish this code as intended, please check out undertaker, at