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A simple wrapper for making requests with the FreshBooks API
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FreshBooksRequest PHP API

This class is meant to give you the ability to quickly access the FreshBooks API.


  • You need to know the method names and params when you're creating a new FreshBooksRequest instance. See all here
  • The XML tag parameters you see on the freshbooks API page are the ones you pass to $fb->post() (as an array)
  • Require the lib and setup with your credentials (domain and token)

$domain = 'your-subdomain'; //
$token = '1234567890'; // your api token found in your account
FreshBooksRequest::init($domain, $token);
  • Now let's say we want to list clients with an email of
 * Fetch all clients by a specific id
// Method name found on the freshbooks API
$fb = new FreshBooksRequest('client.list');
// Any arguments you want to pass it
    'email' => ''
// Make the request
    echo 'successful! the full response is in an array below';
    echo $fb->getError();
  • If you're creating a recurring profile with multiple line items, it might look something like this:
 * Create a recurring profile with multiple line items
$fb = new FreshBooksRequest('recurring.create');
    'recurring' => array(
        'client_id' => 41,
        'lines' => array(
            'line' => array(
                    'name' => 'A prod name',
                    'description' => 'The description',
                    'unit_cost' => 10,
                    'quantity' => 2
                    'name' => 'Another prod name',
                    'description' => 'The other description',
                    'unit_cost' => 20,
                    'quantity' => 1
// You can view what the XML looks like that we're about to send over the wire
    $res = $fb->getResponse();
    $recurrng_id = $res['recurring_id'];
    // Do something with the recurring_id you were returned

Change Log

Changes in 1.0 (Sept 18, 2011)

  • Launched!
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