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ContosoUniversity on ASP.NET Core 6.0 on .NET 6 and Razor Pages

Contoso University, the way I would write it.

This example requires some tools and PowerShell modules, you should run setup.cmd or setup.ps1 to install them.

To prepare the database, execute the build script using PSake: psake migrate. Open the solution and run!

Things demonstrated

  • CQRS and MediatR
  • AutoMapper
  • Vertical slice architecture
  • Razor Pages
  • Fluent Validation
  • HtmlTags
  • Entity Framework Core

Migrating the Database

Grate will automatically create or upgrade (migrate) the database to the latest schema version when you run it:

From PowerShell:

invoke-psake migrate

From CMD:

psake migrate

When running unit tests, you can recreate the unit test database using:

invoke-psake migratetest


Version numbers can be passed on the build script command line:

From PowerShell:

invoke-psake CI -properties ${'version':'1.2.3-dev.5'}

Because we're passing a PowerShell dictionary on the command line, the cmd script doesn't handle this very nicely.

Or generate a version using GitVersion locally:

psake localversion

will generate a semantic version and output it.