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Simple mediator implementation in .NET

In-process messaging with no dependencies.

Supports request/response, commands, queries, notifications and events, synchronous and async with intelligent dispatching via C# generic variance.

Examples in the wiki.

Installing MediatR

You should install MediatR with NuGet:

Install-Package MediatR

Or via the .NET Core command line interface:

dotnet add package MediatR

Either commands, from Package Manager Console or .NET Core CLI, will download and install MediatR and all required dependencies.

Using Contracts-Only Package

To reference only the contracts for MediatR, which includes:

  • IRequest (including generic variants)
  • INotification
  • IStreamRequest

Add a package reference to MediatR.Contracts

This package is useful in scenarios where your MediatR contracts are in a separate assembly/project from handlers. Example scenarios include:

  • API contracts
  • GRPC contracts
  • Blazor

Registering with IServiceCollection

MediatR supports Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.Abstractions directly. To register various MediatR services and handlers:

services.AddMediatR(cfg => cfg.RegisterServicesFromAssemblyContaining<Startup>());

or with an assembly:

services.AddMediatR(cfg => cfg.RegisterServicesFromAssembly(typeof(Startup).Assembly));

This registers:

  • IMediator as transient
  • ISender as transient
  • IPublisher as transient
  • IRequestHandler<,> concrete implementations as transient
  • IRequestHandler<> concrete implementations as transient
  • INotificationHandler<> concrete implementations as transient
  • IStreamRequestHandler<> concrete implementations as transient
  • IRequestExceptionHandler<,,> concrete implementations as transient
  • IRequestExceptionAction<,>) concrete implementations as transient

This also registers open generic implementations for:

  • INotificationHandler<>
  • IRequestExceptionHandler<,,>
  • IRequestExceptionAction<,>

To register behaviors, stream behaviors, pre/post processors:

services.AddMediatR(cfg => {

With additional methods for open generics and overloads for explicit service types.