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This is an example of using NServiceBus with Quartz.NET to trigger scheduled messages. NServiceBus has support for scheduling periodic messages, but that doesn't allow things to happen on a certain date/time.

Instead, we can use Quartz.NET to trigger messages on a cron-type schedule, like once a month, twice a day at 8 AM and 4 PM etc.

To run:

  • Create a database named "QuartzNServiceBusSample" in your local .\SQLExpress instance. You can change the server/database name by modifying the App.config file in the QuartzNServiceBusSample.Scheduler project.
  • Run the QuartzTables.sql against that database
  • Open the solution and run

The example uses a secondly trigger to trigger Quartz to send a message every 5 seconds. You can modify the trigger to build daily/monthly triggers.