Adds query support to Ember Data has-many and belongs-to relationships
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Ember Data's DS.Store supports querying top-level records using the query function. This provides support for things like pagination and searching.

However, DS.hasMany and DS.belongsTo cannot be queried in the same way. This means pagination and searching are not supported with has-many/belongs-to relationships.

This addon provides a way to query has-many and belongs-to relationships. Currently the DS.RESTAdapter and the DS.JSONAPIAdapter are supported.


This addon is targeted at Ember & Ember Data v3.4 LTS


ember install ember-data-has-many-query


Add the RESTAdapterMixin to your DS.RESTAdapter (or DS.JSONAPIAdapter) extension:

import { RESTAdapterMixin } from 'ember-data-has-many-query';

export default DS.RESTAdapter.extend(RESTAdapterMixin, {

Add the ModelMixin to any DS.Model extensions:

import { ModelMixin } from 'ember-data-has-many-query';

export default DS.Model.extend(ModelMixin, {

Models with the mixin now support has-many/belongs-to queries:

post.query('comments', { page: 1 });

Sticky belongs-to

Has-many query calls reload on the relationship's DS.ManyArray. This means that all previously queried records are cleared from the array. If you are caching the records from each query separately (for example, in a separate array for an infinite scroll implementation), the inverse belongs-to relationship is also cleared on those cached records.

If you want to keep the associated belongs-to record after a new query, you can define the belongs-to attribute using belongsToSticky:

import { ModelMixin, belongsToSticky } from 'ember-data-has-many-query';

export default DS.Model.extend(ModelMixin, {
  post: belongsToSticky('post'),

This is a (pretty terrible) hack that caches the belongs-to record in a separate property, and when the record is cleared by another query call, any property gets will return the cached version instead. If anyone has ideas for better implementations, please let me know!