Get your old Wordpress archives up and running quickly without the headache of installing Wordpress.
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Get your old Wordpress archives up and running quickly without the headache of installing Wordpress.

Kwikpress is a basic HTML templating engine which allows you extensive control over generating your web pages. Kwikpress markup may include variables, file contents, or callback subroutines. The Kwikpress markup is processed recursively until no more processable markup remains and the final document is complete. Alternately, your markup may flag Kwikpress to halt further processing of the current node and proceed to the next one.

Kwikpress was meant to make it easier to get an arbitrary -- and often dirty -- Wordpress archive up and serving content in the minimal amount of time, without the hassle of installing Wordpress or using PHP. There are many reasons you may want to do this, at a glance: Your archive may span multiple versions of Wordpress, it may be hard to find the one that best suites the data because not all databases schemas are compatible with all versions of Wordpress; Wordpress is notorious for security vulnerabilities, especially in the older versions you may need for your archive; Wordpress is annoying to install and it takes a lot of time to do so; For simple historic archives of old content, an entire Wordpress installation is unwanted and unnecessary; Using Wordpress necessitates the use of PHP. Kwikpress satisfies all of these problems in the least intrusive way possible with a focus on simplicity, low over-head, and broad compatibility with various generations of Wordpress.

Often Wordpress records will contain formatting anomalies and markup which is a nightmare for presentation. Kwikpress attempts to alleviate some of the frustration by parsing the Wordpress records to correct the most common presentation disruptions and Wordpress record format idioms. New patterns will be added as more Wordpress record format problems are discovered.

Keep an eye on this file for more thorough documentation coming soon! See the 'basic' site example in sites/basic for a live example showing a simple website with a few static pages and a page for article listing and viewing.