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Answer HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript questions on Stack Exchange? Use jsFiddle? Of course you do!

You've probably had the same annoying little problem as me then - having to copy/paste code from a Stack Exchange site to jsFiddle to answer a question. Stack Fiddle is something to combine the two into a wonderful milkshake of goodness!

A lot of helpful people put their CSS, JavaScript and HTML in separate code blocks which is great – but then you have to copy and paste them individually into jsFiddle and change the framework to your favourite one.

Stack Fiddle gives all code blocks a handy little header. Click the HTML / JavaScript / CSS links to choose the blocks that you want to fiddle with and then press the ‘Send to jsFiddle’. Everything is sent off to jsFiddle ready for you to play with.

Simple as that.

(This wiki will be filled with more beautiful things soon - honest!)

Please note: I'm new to using git and github, so if there's anything that I seem to be doing wrong (or could do better) then let me know! Thanks!