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  • Joined on Jul 21, 2009
  • 8aedba2
    forwarded commands working
  • 47a16e4
    got leader election working
  • 5e5bcb7
    fixed some compile errors just gotta pass final tests now
  • 288d457
    fleshed out command forwarding, bumped raft dependency
jbooth commented on pull request hashicorp/raft#14

Awesome, thank you sir -- this is a great library/impl you have here On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 8:19 PM, Armon Dadgar wrote: C…

jbooth commented on pull request hashicorp/raft#14

I agree that it's an incomplete patch and there's probably a more elegant solution than "throw this big mutex in front of it and stick lock/unlock …

  • cd878c9
    worked on final forwarding layer
jbooth commented on issue hashicorp/raft#9

FYI, I filed #14 which eliminates about 1/3 of the issues

jbooth opened pull request hashicorp/raft#14
Guard shared mutable state on struct Raft
2 commits with 50 additions and 0 deletions
  • 76afc1d
    added additional guards for r.leader
  • 328a11e
    added guards around raft struct state regarding candidate/follower an…
  • 6bc890b
    got all statemachine methods working
  • c143974
    got statemachine done, mostly tested
  • 7157e1a
    got most of the skeletons up
  • 55aa0d3
    got docs written, pulled in raft changes, started on flotilla server
jbooth opened pull request goraft/raft#223
Streaming snapshot sends
3 commits with 541 additions and 314 deletions
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