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QUICKSTART_NAME: Brief Description of the Quickstart

Author: YOUR_NAME and optional CONTACT_INFO

This file is meant to serve as a template or guideline for your own quickstart file. Be sure to replace QUICKSTART_NAME and YOUR_NAME, with the appropriate values.

What is it?

This is where you provide an overview of what the quickstart demonstrates. For example:

  • What are the technologies demonstrated by the quickstart?
  • What does it do when you run it?

You should include any information that would help the user understand the quickstart.

If possible, give an overview, including any code they should look at to understand how it works..

System requirements

All you need to build this project is Java 6.0 (Java SDK 1.6) or better, Maven 3.0 or better.

The application this project produces is designed to be run on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 or JBoss AS 7.

Configure Maven

You can copy or link to the Maven configuration information in the README file in the root folder of the quickstarts. For example:

If you have not yet done so, you must Configure Maven before testing the quickstarts.

Configure Optional Components

If your quickstart requires any additional components, decribe how to set them up here.

If your quickstart requires a secured user, PostgreSQL, or Byteman, you can link to the instructions in the README file located in the root folder of the quickstart directory.

Here are some examples:

  • This quickstart uses a secured management interface and requires that you create a management (or application) user to access the running application. Instructions to set up a Management (or Application) user can be found here:

  • This quickstart requires the PostgreSQL database. Instructions to install an configure PostgreSQL can be found here: Install and Configure the PostgreSQL Database

  • This quickstart uses Byteman to help demonstrate crash recovery. Instructions to install and configure Bytemand can be found here: Install and Configure Byteman

If your quickstart requires any other components, you must describe how to configure them here.

Start the JBoss Server

Does this quickstart require a running server? If so, you must show how to start the server. If you start the server in one of the following 3 ways, you can simply link to the instructions in the README file located in the root folder of the quickstart directory using one of the following:

If the server is started in a different manner than above, give the specific instructions.

Build and Deploy the Quickstart

Remind them to start the server if a running server is required.

Next give instructions to build and deploy the quickstart. If the quickstart is built and deployed using the standard Maven commands, "mvn clean package" and "mvn jboss-as:deploy", rather than repeat them here, you can link to the instructions in the README file located in the root folder the quickstart folder. For example:

If this quickstart requires different or additional instructions, add those instructions here.

Access the application (For quickstarts that have a UI component)

Access the running application in a browser at the following URL: http://localhost:8080/jboss-as-QUICKSTART_NAME

Be sure to make the URL a hyperlink as above, substituting the your quickstart name for the QUICKSTART_NAME.

Briefly describe what you will see when you access the application. For example:

  • You will be presented with a simple form for adding key/value pairs and a checkbox to indicate whether the updates should be executed using an unmanaged component.

    • If the box is checked, the updates will be executed within a session bean method.
    • If the box is not checked, the transactions and JPA updates will run in a servlet instead of session beans.
  • To list all existing key/value pairs, leave the key input box empty.

  • To add or update the value of a key, enter a key and value input boxe and click the submit button to see the results.

Add any information that will help them run and understand your quickstart.

Run the Arquillian Tests (For quickstarts that contain Arquillian tests)

You can copy or link to the Run the Arquillian Tests information in the README file in the root folder of the quickstarts. For example:

This quickstart provides Arquillian tests. See Run the Arquillian Tests for more information.

The quickstart README should show what to expect from the the tests

  • Copy and paste output from the JUnit tests to show what to expect in the console from the tests.

  • Copy and paste log messages output by the application to show what to expect in the server log when running the tests.

Debug the Application

If you want to debug the source code or look at the Javadocs of any library in the project, run either of the following commands to pull them into your local repository. The IDE should then detect them.

  mvn dependency:sources
  mvn dependency:resolve -Dclassifier=javadoc
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