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README.md Added Infinispan Nov 14, 2014



The content of this repository was moved to the jboss-dockerfiles organization on GitHub. Now every project has it's own repository.

List of new repositories

Below you can find a list of new repositories to which the content was moved.

  1. aerogear
  2. immutant
  3. keycloak
  4. liveoak
  5. modeshape
  6. nodyn
  7. switchyard
  8. torquebox
  9. wildfly
  10. infinispan


There are a few reasons behind the move:

  1. This will let us properly tag images, so you could stick to some version of the image.
  2. Issues will be reported agains particular image, this will make it clear which image is affected.


All issues and feture requests must be now filled in the appropriate repository. Issue feature for this repository was disabled.