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Bootstrapping Maven environment
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A script to bootstrap Maven environment using zip repositories


  1. Download EAP 6 Maven Repository zip file
  2. Download WFK 2 Maven Repository zip file
  3. Run mvn package


Your settings.xml is generated in upper directory. Reference it from your IDE or from Maven binary

mvn -s /path/to/generated/settings.xml

Note: Script will as well create .repository directory, which acts as a local repositary to keep your environment isolated


The script allows you to set path where zip files are stored. Following properties can be used:

  • - a path to EAP6 Maven Repository zip
  • - a path to WFK2 Maven Repository zip
  • eap6.enterprise.repository.dir - an absolute path where EAP6 Maven Repository was extracted
  • wfk2.enterprise.repository.dir - an absolute path where WFK2 Maven Repository was extracted

On Linux, you can use following Maven command

mvn clean package \ \
    -Deap6.enterprise.repository.dir=`pwd`/jboss-eap-6.0.0.DR12-maven-repository \ 
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