jdf plugin for Forge, that allows easy selection and use of JBoss BOMs
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JBoss Developer Framework plugin

Author: Rafael Benevides Summary: Forge plugin to help you select the right JBoss stack for your project.

What is it?

This is a plugin for JBoss Forge to simplify the setup of a JBoss Stacks.

The stack is provided by Maven BOMs (Bill of Materials); read more about Maven BOMs. JBoss Developer Framework provides a BOM for every stack.

System requirements

All you need is to use this plugin is JBoss Forge 1.0.5 (or latter) and a working internet connection.

Installing the plugin

Assuming Forge is running, at the Forge prompt, type:

forge install-plugin jdf

Running the plugin

In Forge console type:

jdf use-stack --runtime

and press Tab. This will load the list of available runtimes from the JBoss Developer Framework Stacks repository (by default https://raw.github.com/jboss-jdf/jdf-stack/1.0.0.Final/stacks.yaml). You can then select the stack to use.

Then you can also specify the bom version to use

jdf use-stack --runtime jboss-as711runtime --bom jboss-javaee-6_0-all-301

You can add multiples stacks to your project, simply run the jdf use-stack command again.

The list of available stacks is cached, and reloaded once a day. You can force a reload by running the refresh-stacks command:

jdf refresh-stacks

You can also view the available boms by running:

jdf show-boms

You can also view the available runtimes by running:

jdf show-runtimes

Custom Repository

If you want to change the default stack repository, then you will need to modify the Forge configuration.

  1. Edit ~/.forge/config.xml in your favorite editor

  2. Add the <stacksRepo> element, with the custom location, to the <jdf> element. For example:

  3. Run jdf refresh-stacks to force an update of the repository information

Proxy Configuration

If you access the Internet through a proxy, you must configure Forge.

Offline use

If you do not have a working internet connection, the plugin will use the cached list of available stacks.

You can force Forge to use the cached list of available stacks:

set OFFLINE true


You can turn on debugging messages:

set VERBOSE true