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Contributing to the TicketMonster tutorial

Each section of the tutorial is contained in a .asciidoc file in this git repository. To build the tutorial you'll need:

  • AsciiDoc installed. It's available via most major packaging systems (e.g. Debian, Fedora Extra, MacPorts), and has a Windows installer.
  • You'll also need pygments for syntax highlighting. It's available as a python egg. Easiest to install via easy_install e.g. sudo easy_install pygments.
  • dblatex, once again available in most major packaging systems, or as a python egg e.g. sudo easy_install dblatex

Once you have installed AsciiDoc, you can build individual sections by invoking asciidoc -b <output of choice> <section.txt>. If you want to generate the whole tutorial as html, you can call ./