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@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ <h3>AS7 Web Console</h3>
<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="span3 bs-docs-sidebar">
<ul class="nav nav-list bs-docs-sidenav">
+ <li><a href="#1.4.0"><i class="icon-chevron-right"></i> 1.5.0</a></li>
<li><a href="#1.4.0"><i class="icon-chevron-right"></i> 1.4.0</a></li>
<li><a href="#1.3.0"><i class="icon-chevron-right"></i> 1.3.0</a></li>
@@ -66,7 +67,75 @@ <h3>AS7 Web Console</h3>
+ <section id="1.5.0">
+ <div>
+ <h2>Release Notes 1.5.0</h2>
+ </div>
+ <ul>
+<li>AS7-2371 Ability to flush queues &amp; topics from the console
+</li><li>AS7-5752 Ability to manage path references
+</li><li>AS7-4364 Ability to start / stop servers in a server-group
+</li><li>AS7-5804 Add expression resolver to "tools" section
+</li><li>AS7-5805 Add host JVM dialogue doesn't work
+</li><li>AS7-5964 Admin Console: Missing validation message for ListItem
+</li><li>AS7-6208 Admin console: Add paging to the server groups page
+</li><li>AS7-6096 Allow changing of pool attributes w/o disabling a datasource
+</li><li>AS7-4639 Allow modification of the data-source-class and xa-data-source-class attributes from the console
+</li><li>AS7-4737 Boot time flag not visible when creating system properties
+</li><li>AS7-5637 Broken footer layout
+</li><li>AS7-6026 Cannot add jgroups transport property
+</li><li>AS7-4738 Cannot remove system property from serve group
+</li><li>AS7-3571 Console should allow setting multiple JNDI names for JMS queues/topics
+</li><li>AS7-5983 Console stuck on deployment failure
+</li><li>AS7-5736 Console: unable to change default-cache
+</li><li>AS7-5170 Display subsystem information that relates to deployments
+</li><li>AS7-5733 Domain "Runtime" navigation (LHS) not refreshed when the number of server configurations is changed
+</li><li>AS7-2506 Domain Model Visualization
+</li><li>AS7-5170 EJB Deployment View
+</li><li>AS7-6131 Ensure lifecycle links rely on distinct id's
+</li><li>AS7-5818 Fix cache control headers on FF
+</li><li>AS7-6153 Fix styles for pages
+</li><li>AS7-4740 Help description should reference form item titles opposed to the DMR attribute names
+</li><li>AS7-2355 Improve the deployment views
+</li><li>AS7-5994 Infinispan cache container not displayed
+</li><li>AS7-5743 Integrate usage analytics
+</li><li>AS7-4955 JMS Queues created by the Web admin are not durable by default
+</li><li>AS7-5714 JPA "Session Open Count" statistic appears to be bogus
+</li><li>AS7-5170 JPA Deployment View
+</li><li>AS7-5765 JVM stats cannot be read in hosted mode
+</li><li>AS7-5709 Language preference not picked up anymore
+</li><li>AS7-2751 Manage modcluster through console
+</li><li>AS7-5760 Overflow when displaying larger heap size
+</li><li>AS7-2531 Provide better wording instead of "Unable to redirect." when accessing /console
+</li><li>AS7-6116 Removing an entity from table confuses default selection
+</li><li>AS7-6097 Revamp server overview screen
+</li><li>AS7-5982 Revert add jpa global settings for VFS (true or false) but keep extended persistence context inheritance type (DEEP or SHALLOW)
+</li><li>AS7-4660 Revisit Admin Console authentication moving from browser to console
+</li><li>AS7-5758 Safari digest authentication problem
+</li><li>AS7-5170 Servlet deployment view
+</li><li>AS7-6100 Support expressions for boolean attributes
+</li><li>AS7-5795 The Add/Remove buttons should always be placed in a consistent place on the pages.
+</li><li>AS7-5447 The footer links (rhs) overlay each other
+</li><li>AS7-5798 Third level navigation back link
+</li><li>AS7-6151 Topology lifecycle changes need to yield model events
+</li><li>AS7-6122 Trapped focus is messed up when mouse interaction occurs
+</li><li>AS7-5796 Tree icons not clickable
+</li><li>AS7-5817 Update to 1003px grid system
+</li><li>AS7-6027 Update to GWT 2.5 Final
+</li><li>AS7-5638 Verify interaction with filesystem deployments
+</li><li>AS7-2339 Web Console: Clone an existing server
+</li><li>AS7-2355 Web Console: The Deployed Applications Wars/Ears should show the Application Context of the ear or war
+</li><li>AS7-5170 Web Deployment View
+</li><li>AS7-5552 Web console's management response marshelling is rounding the long values into integer values
+</li><li>AS7-5170 WebService Deployment view
+</li><li>AS7-5830 Add jpa global settings for VFS (true or false), extended persistence context inheritance type (DEEP or SHALLOW)
+</li><li>AS7-6002 Datasource configuration - pool - additional attributes
+</li><li>AS7-5180 JAAS tag for management interface does not work in domain mode
+</li><li>AS7-4749 modcluster ssl values not saving correctly in console.</li>
+ </ul>
+ </section>
<section id="1.4.0">
<h2>Release Notes 1.4.0</h2>

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