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New Features

  • AS7-4338 Extended information/operations for HornetQ in the web console
  • AS7-4558 Ability to configure outbound socket bindings
  • AS7-4561 Localize help system
  • AS7-4193 Support modification of xa-datasource-class in the web console
  • AS7-4045 Accessibility improvements: keyboard navigation and main aria attributes core widgets and overall layout


  • AS7-3446 If you remove a thread factory when the factory is assigned to a pool, you get strange errors.
  • AS7-4505 Management console https fails with IBM JVM when SSL enabled.
  • AS7-3042 IPv6: Invalid redirect to Admin console (wrong IP address)
  • AS7-4605 Deployment error
  • AS7-4570 Update domain response processor to reflect new composite response structure
  • AS7-4519 Implicit ports (https) are not handled correctly
  • AS7-4363 Failed to configure mail session
  • AS7-4318 Environment properties for server instances not loading properly
  • AS7-4263 Admin console: does not allow spaces in properties even when they are valid
  • AS7-4255 Help Panels can not be closed on IE9
  • AS7-4233 Interface editor doesn't cancel operation upon click
  • AS7-4231 Admin console: unable to remove security module if it has properties defined
  • AS7-4227 Fix network interface management problems
  • AS7-4164 Aria attributes on CellTables
  • AS7-4126 double values cannot be read from dmr response
  • AS7-3743 Sporadic IE 8&9 failure: stylesheets do not load
  • AS7-2643 Hosts and Runtime tabs, host listings still do not clip appropiately, see screen shots
  • AS7-2431 Poor error handling when slave host controller dies / stops
  • AS7-2300 Console usability: main menu items are not clickable
  • AS7-2218 Delay management-console startup until the server is started
  • AS7-4167 Admin console: cannot set attribute max-attempts of modcluster subsystem
  • AS7-4166 Admin console: cannot set attribute auto-enable-contexts of modcluster subsystem
  • AS7-4234 Timeout when uploading large deployment through the console
  • AS7-4319 Admin console: Modcluster ProxyList field cannot be set back to empty.
  • AS7-4186 Connectors for web module are not refreshing its view state as different profiles are selected
  • AS7-4021 Console: add option to configure jboss web's instance-id
  • AS7-3363 Admin console: Creating a web connector should show a list of available socket bindings
  • AS7-4390 Upgrade an application via Web Console
  • AS7-4250 Failed to modify cache container transport settings
  • AS7-4235 Error adding deployment to a domain
  • AS7-3930 Infinispan screens require descriptions
  • AS7-3067 unable to jndi-name attribute for default cache container
  • AS7-3066 help text missing on infinispan screens