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Aug 17, 2011

  1. Jaikiran

    Fix connection leak in testcase

    jaikiran authored n1hility committed
  2. George Gastaldi

    Fixed CNFE as specified in…

    gastaldi authored n1hility committed
  3. Paul Ferraro

    Calls to DefaultEmbeddedCacheManager.defineConfiguration(String, Conf…

    …iguration) need to pass through to the semantically equivalent EmbeddedCacheManager.defineConfiguration(String, Configuration) method
    pferraro authored n1hility committed
  4. Jaikiran

    Fix the EJB3 subsystem description

    jaikiran authored n1hility committed
  5. Stuart Douglas

    Fix arquillian module path

    stuartwdouglas authored n1hility committed
  6. Jaikiran

    AS7-1509 Fix configuration marshalling and model population for <conf…

    …iguration> element of web subsystem
    jaikiran authored n1hility committed
  7. Stuart Douglas

    Short circut evaluation of or is preventing attributes from being wri…

    stuartwdouglas authored n1hility committed
  8. Stuart Douglas

    Remove dep on message from ejb3

    stuartwdouglas authored n1hility committed
  9. Jason T. Greene

    Prepare 7.0.1

    n1hility authored
  10. Stuart Douglas

    Fix some thread safty issues with services

    stuartwdouglas authored

Aug 16, 2011

  1. Scott Marlow

    fix entityManagerFactory race condition

    scottmarlow authored stuartwdouglas committed
  2. maximilienw

    mark Weld conversation propagation filter as async-supported

    maximilienw authored bstansberry committed
  3. Andrew Lee Rubinger

    [AS7-1550] Remove now-unnecessary dependency upon Guice, and re-add t…

    …he exclusion to the root POM enforcer config
    ALRubinger authored n1hility committed
  4. Andrew Lee Rubinger

    [AS7-1549] Upgrade to Arquillian 1.0.0.CR4

    ALRubinger authored n1hility committed
  5. Andrew Lee Rubinger

    [AS7-1303] Add failing case showing TestNG not working in ARQ AS7; Ma…

    …ke ArquillianConfigBuilder support both JUnit and TestNG
    ALRubinger authored n1hility committed
  6.  Brian Stansberry

    Improve addressability of timer service resource

    Some description tweaks
    bstansberry authored
  7.  Brian Stansberry

    Make default-xxx attributes valid params to the subsystem add op

    Initial work on fixing the "describe" operation handler
    bstansberry authored
  8.  Brian Stansberry

    Convert the "set-xxx-pool" ops to write-attribute

    Reorganize the DescriptionProvider stuff
    Don't store pool defaults in the model
    bstansberry authored
  9.  Brian Stansberry

    Return inherited DescriptionProviders

    bstansberry authored
  10. David Bosschaert

    AS7-931 Expose OSGi subsystem configuration through management API

    Some of AS7-931 was already covered in the AS7-371 commit. This commit includes:
    Make the OSGi Subsystem Activation attribute writeable.
    Make the system dynamically react to additions in the modules configuration.
    A bunch of new unit tests.
    bosschaert authored bstansberry committed
  11. Scott Marlow

    recreate issue reported

    AS7-1544 set the cache prefix to the application scoped pu name
    scottmarlow authored bstansberry committed
  12. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1468 Change ManagedDeployableContainer to use configuration outpu…

    …tToConsole. Configuration option is default true, but can be disabled via arquillian.xml
    aslakknutsen authored kabir committed
  13. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1469 Remove startupTimeout from CommonContainerConfiguration, it …

    …only apply to ManagedContainers.
    aslakknutsen authored kabir committed
  14. Darran Lofthouse

    [AS7-1137] Enable demos to prompt for a username and password if runn…

    …ing against a secured management interface.
    Both the native and http interfaces are supported.
    darranl authored kabir committed
  15. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1361 Only activate MSCEnrichment if MSC classes found on runtime …

    aslakknutsen authored stuartwdouglas committed
  16. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1361 Move Modules Dependencies 'enrichment' to Protocol-JMX-AS7.

    The JMX-AS7 Protocol needs to enrich the Deployed archive with Dependencies on the Arquillian Service. This enrichment needs to be a part of the Protocol and not Container to avoid the same enrcihment leak into other Protocols e.g. Servlet. Adding these Dependencies with out deploying the Arquillian Service cause deployment exception.
    aslakknutsen authored stuartwdouglas committed
  17. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1156 Remove use of JMX Protocol Configuration ExecutionType, this…

    … is handled upstream in the JMX Protocol
    aslakknutsen authored stuartwdouglas committed
  18. Aslak Knutsen

    AS7-1537 Upgrade to Arquillian Core 1.0.0.CR3 and Arquillian OSGi 1.0…

    aslakknutsen authored stuartwdouglas committed
  19.  Brian Stansberry

    Fix common name handling

    bstansberry authored
  20. Stuart Douglas

    Fix JSF NPE

    stuartwdouglas authored
  21. James R. Perkins

    [AS7-1533] Set properties for custom handlers.

    [AS7-1533] Clean up property handling.
    [AS7-1533] Add update handler and properly describe the contents of the properties.
    jamezp authored n1hility committed
  22. Stan Silvert

    AS7-1541 Implement WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL

    ssilvert authored stuartwdouglas committed

Aug 15, 2011

  1. Jason T. Greene

    Add "lite" configuration to help enforce web profile compliance

    n1hility authored
  2. Stuart Douglas

    AS7-1314 Generate EEClassConfigurations in a lazy manner, as they may…

    … not be required
    stuartwdouglas authored

Aug 13, 2011

  1. Paul Ferraro

    AS7-1532 ClassLoaderAwareCache decoration will fail for multiple web …

    pferraro authored
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