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Commits on Dec 22, 2011
  1. @n1hility
  2. @n1hility

    Update ejb-client

    n1hility authored
  3. @stuartwdouglas
  4. @bstansberry
  5. @pferraro @bstansberry

    AS7-1958 Add clustered SSO support

    pferraro authored bstansberry committed
  6. @jamezp @bstansberry
  7. @kabir @bstansberry

    Disable xml checking for mail subsystem

    kabir authored bstansberry committed
  8. @kabir @bstansberry

    Revert "Enable and rework Mail subsystem"

    kabir authored bstansberry committed
    This reverts commit 38d43bf31cfe573507cb219698b19b21f7a52005.
  9. @kabir @bstansberry
  10. @kabir @bstansberry

    Adjust infinispan subsystem xml

    kabir authored bstansberry committed
  11. @kabir @bstansberry

    Enable and rework Mail subsystem

    kabir authored bstansberry committed
  12. @kabir @bstansberry

    Reintroduce validation of xml into AbstractSubsystemBaseTest, with ab…

    kabir authored bstansberry committed
    …ility to turn off namespace checking
    Adjust xml for some tests to be in same order as what the marshaller does. Some marshaller bugs.
  13. @emuckenhuber @bstansberry

    minor i18n updates

    emuckenhuber authored bstansberry committed
  14. @hasalex @bstansberry
  15. @hasalex @bstansberry
  16. @stuartwdouglas
  17. @stuartwdouglas
  18. @stuartwdouglas
  19. @stuartwdouglas
  20. @stuartwdouglas
  21. @stuartwdouglas

    Change app client to lazily create the connection, to allow the user …

    stuartwdouglas authored
    …to login before the connection is created
  22. @darranl @stuartwdouglas

    [AS7-3002] Provide a LoginModule to take the UserPrincipal from the i…

    darranl authored stuartwdouglas committed
    …ncomming connection and use it as the authenticated user.
  23. @darranl @stuartwdouglas

    [AS7-3002] Enable the association of a security-realm with the remoti…

    darranl authored stuartwdouglas committed
    …ng connector to allow use of security realms for authentication of incomming requests.
  24. @domcleal @bstansberry

    AS7-3118 Fix exit code of " status" when proc no…

    domcleal authored bstansberry committed
    …t running
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
  1. @ropalka @n1hility

    adding jboss-webservices.xml schema

    ropalka authored n1hility committed
  2. @n1hility

    Add tests for CMP subsystem including key generators

    John E. Bailey authored n1hility committed
  3. @n1hility

    Fix bug in hilo key generator that causes data-source element to disa…

    John E. Bailey authored n1hility committed
    …ppear on write
  4. @dmlloyd
  5. @jaikiran @stuartwdouglas
  6. @maeste @kabir

    AS7-3007 Incorrect parsing of complex resource-adapters subsystem con…

    maeste authored kabir committed
    AS7-3008 Standart JCA datasource parser incorrectly proceeds "enable" operation on XA datasource
  7. @rmaucher

    Web 7.0.7

    rmaucher authored
  8. @stuartwdouglas

    Fix issue with BMT stateful session beans where the BMT interceptor w…

    stuartwdouglas authored
    …as running outside the synchronization interceptor
  9. @stuartwdouglas
  10. @pgier @stuartwdouglas

    Use single version property for slf4j

    pgier authored stuartwdouglas committed
  11. @pgier @stuartwdouglas

    Remove hard-coded jython version

    pgier authored stuartwdouglas committed
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